First and foremost, Netflix itself does not have any prohibitions against using VPN services. However, the company actively opposes the use of VPN to bypass restrictions and blocks VPN server addresses that attempt to access content unavailable in specific countries or regions.

How to circumvent geo-blocking systems

When a user connects to a VPN service, their IP address is replaced with the IP address of the VPN server. This allows the user to deceive the geo-blocking system and access content that was previously unavailable. However, such behavior violates Netflix’s terms of service, which prohibits the circumvention of restrictions using technologies, including VPN services.

Rules regarding VPN services

Officially, using VPN services is not illegal. However, each country has its own rules and regulations regarding the use of VPN services. In some countries, such as China and Russia, the use of VPN may be prohibited or restricted.

Netflix in Russia

Users in Russia may encounter access restrictions to VPN services such as Netflix due to the peculiarities of Russian legislation, which requires compliance with limitations on the distribution of certain content.


In conclusion, it can be said that using VPN services to bypass Netflix’s geographic restrictions violates the terms of service, but in most countries, it is not an illegal act. However, each user should exercise caution and familiarize themselves with local legislative acts to avoid problems and potential violations of their country’s laws when using VPN services.