Opera VPN is a free VPN service provided by the popular Opera browser. It promises to ensure user security and privacy in the online world. However, it is important to understand that free VPN services can have certain limitations and even risks to your privacy.

Drawbacks of VPNs

Despite Opera VPN appearing as an appealing option for ensuring a secure connection, it has its drawbacks.

Firstly, free VPNs often come with limited servers and may have restricted capabilities compared to their paid counterparts. This can lead to slow connections and lack of full anonymity during usage.

It is also important to understand that when you use a free VPN service, you usually pay with your personal data rather than money. Many free VPNs collect information about your online activities to sell to advertising companies or use for their own purposes. This means your privacy may be compromised, and the transfer of personal data can pose a threat to your security.

Why is Opera VPN a Special Concern?

In 2017, Opera Software was acquired by a Chinese consortium, raising doubts about the service’s security. In China, there is a similar service with the same name but a different developer company. This can create confusion and raise suspicions about how your data is handled when using Opera VPN.


In conclusion, it is not entirely reliable to trust free VPN services, including Opera VPN. They can have limited capabilities, collect personal data, and fail to provide reliable privacy protection. If the security of your data is truly important, it is recommended to use paid VPN services that have strict privacy policies and guarantee a secure connection.