Netflix and Kodi are two popular platforms for streaming movies and TV shows. While installing Netflix on Kodi is not an official feature, there are several ways to make these two platforms work together.

Using Netflix Addon

In 2024, installing Netflix on Kodi will still be a relevant topic, as many users desire to consolidate their favorite online services in one place. One method to install Netflix on Kodi is by using a plugin called «Netflix Addon.» This allows users to sign in to their Netflix account and stream movies and TV shows on their device through Kodi.

Installation Process

To install the Netflix addon on Kodi, you first need to download the plugin repository, then install it in Kodi and enter your Netflix account credentials. This process may vary depending on the device you are using Kodi on, so it is recommended to follow the instructions provided by the developers.

Points to Note

It’s worth noting that Netflix addon may not be available in all countries and regions due to rights restrictions, so it’s important to check if this method is suitable for your location.


Although installing Netflix on Kodi can be challenging for beginners, it offers the convenience of accessing Netflix content directly through Kodi, making the streaming experience more convenient and universal.